Who is this Documentation For?

This documentation pertains to various integration approaches for Prebid. The target audience is web and mobile developers and Prebid Server configuration admins.

Getting Started

  1. Setup an account at PubWise
  2. Add Your Property (site, app, etc.)
  3. Add Desired Products in the UI (managed wrapper, bidder, etc.)
  4. Wait for approvals as necessary
  5. We’ll reach out to assist with config, or contact support@pubwise.io

Common Requirements

  • Account ID - provided by your account manager and/or our UI
  • Various Endpoints from the Documentation Below for Prebid Server and Mobile

Total Setup Time

Most deployments can be configured in 30-45 minutes. Approvals usually take 24 hours or less.

Use Cases

Running Client Side JavaScript Prebid

Read the following docs:

  1. Integration Docs

Adding s2s to Client Side

Read the following docs:

  1. s2s Config

Prebid Mobile

We can assist with Prebid SDK setup for Android and iOS, but the dev work can only be done by the customer. Prebid mobile can be run on the PubWise Prebid Server or your own. In both cases the follwing config is needed. Read the following docs:

  1. Mobile App Config

If running your own Prebid server, read the following docs:

  1. Prebid Server Config

Any Prebid Server Config

If you are using any Prebid setup that requires prebid server read the following docs:

  1. s2s Config
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